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Vader Tint offers 4 types of film & 3 types of shades. 30%-15%-5%

High Performance Film

High Performance film is usually a hybrid of dyed construction and metal flake technology. For many years, metallic film was considered a step up from the standard, in both performance and price. The metal flake construction usually has a higher Total Solar Energy Rejection and IR/UV rejection percentage than dyed construction film, and also has a shinier, more metallic appearance than standard dyed construction film. This film can be tricky to use on some newer vehicles because sometimes the metal construction interfere with on-board computer/navigation systems, and other electronic devices. This is a film that sometime comes with a limited lifetime no fade guarantee and is generally considered more fade resistant than standard dyed construction film. Users can usually expect between 5-7 years optimal usage from this film before it might begin to fade.

High Performance Series
2 Door Car/Truck $165.00
4 Door Car/Truck $225.00
Full Sized SUV/Van $275.00
Tesla Model 3 $275.00

Metal-Dyed Tint Benefits:

  • Proven Technology

    Metal-dyed hybrid construction layers multiple materials within a single, micro-thin film for reliable quality and performance.


  • Optical Clarity

  • No hazy, foggy effects to interfere with visibility. Views of both road and roadside scenery are sharp and clear.


  • Driving Comfort

    Reduces road glare and rejects the sun's heat.                              


  • Lifetime Limited Warranty

    These products are warranted by the Manufacturer against peeling, cracking, adhesive failure, demetallization, and delamination. Certain restrictions apply; contact a SunTek dealer or a customer service representative for details.


  • Style - Enhance your vehicle with a custom look


  • Privacy - Darken glass to help create privacy


  • Comfort - Stay cooler and have less glare


  • Health - Help block the sun’s harmful UV rays


  • Interior - Avoid interior cracks and fading longer

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